Esa Pietilä Solo Saxophone at Helsinki Music Center, Camerata Hall

Esa Pietilä Solo Saxophone

Esa Pietilä solo saxophone concerts series started out in 2007. They include composed music by Pietilä, totally improvised material and improvisations on various J.S Bach themes eg. Chaconne from d-minor violin partita and music from Solo Cello series.

First Esa Pietilä solo saxophone album Karhea was released on march 26. 2009. Pietilä’s solo saxophone expression is heavily influenced by visual arts and poetry, which gives Esa the platforms to shape up the long structures and forms of his improvisations. With his inner dialogue musical thinking of improvisation, he combines his fantasy world together with the real world and expresses his textures and drama with urge to shape his free-form improvisational accordingly.

“The solo concerts deal with ambient colours of saxophone in different textures & atmospheres – from variety of minimalism whisper to full free blowing – resulting a palette of shapes of multiphonics, chordal tones, rhythmic complexity & surprises, and fuga-like approach to drama with freedom of saxophone voice bent to it´s limits”.

Latest double album Times & Spaces connects the acoustic expression of solo saxophone with live-electronics

Esa Pietilä solo saxophone double album Times & Spaces is a statement and exploration into the world of improvisation. The album consists of two discs, Times with acoustic expression and Spaces with live- electronics which connects tenor saxophone´s acoustic expression with diverse possibilities of live-electronics. Motion censors and other controllers tweak the sonic atmosphere and musical ambients.


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Solo Saxophone

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