Esa Pietilä 3

Esa Pietilä 3 as a succesor to the former Esa Pietilä Trio (with Markku Ounaskari, drs & Uffe Krokfors, bs) that performed succesfully in many European countries 8 years between 2001 – 2009, there is a line-up change now. I´m happy to announce that the trio´s new ESA PIETILA 3 personnel is:

Esa Pietilä, ts
Ville Herrala, bass
Mika Kallio, drums

ESA PIETILÄ 3 explores new improvisational fields of scandinavian freejazz / avantgarde expression, ranging from straightforward energetic free playing to colorful ambient sceneries and soundscapes. The trio was also the soloist unit for Esa Pietilä´s Orhestral piece Graffiti Play for Avanti! Chamber orchestra performed under the baton of Esa-Pekka Salonen in 2014.

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