Pietilä performs the world premiere of Kalevi Aho´s new tenor saxophone concerto in march 2016

Internationally acclaimed Finnish contemporary composer Kalevi Aho wrote a tenor saxophone concerto and dedicated it to Esa Pietilä. Esa will do the premiere performances of the new concerto with two Finnish orchestras in march 2016. The concerto is the first (and only one) in the world written for tenor saxophone from a truly notable composer of major international  “big league”. The concerto will present Aho´s extraordinary compositional skills, orchestration technique and his magnificent ability to write for a solo instrument as a soloist for orchestra. In the concerto Aho has used all the possible (and extended) playing techniques for the todays modern tenor saxophone to handle plus allowes some room for Esa´s improvisational skills. Esa Pietilä is proud have the privilige to do the first performances of the concerto. The first performance of (a double premiere) is on 10th of march with Pori Sinfonietta at city of Pori in Finland and the second premiere will happen on 17th of march with Lappeenranta City Orchestra in Lappeenranta, Finland

Insights of Aho´s concerto:

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13th of dec. 2013, Esa Pietilä is the soloist for the Premiere Performance of Eero Hämeenniemi´s Saxophone concerto “Grounds”, written for Esa Pietilä – Performed by Chamber orchestra Se Ensamble & conductor  Santtu-Matias Rouvali.

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