Saxophonist Esa Pietilä & Pétur Sakari (church organ)


City : Espoo
Venue : Espoo Cathedral/ Espoon tuomiokirkko
Address : Kirkkopuisto 5, 02770 Espoo, Finland
Time : 21:00 (artist meeting at 20:00)


Music by Saxophonist Esa Pietilä, J.S. Bach, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Astor Piazzolla & improvisations.


Organist Pétur Sakari and saxophonist Esa Pietilä started their collaboration in 2018. Their colourful and virtuosic expression unites many eras of music from baroque through renaissance to new contemporary music. The unique duo of saxophone and organ performs surprisingly new and unprecedented versions of widely known masterpieces, occasionally adding improvisation, though honouring the tradition.

The duo also performs music written by Pietilä. Both artists are known for their ability to improvise in virtuoso manner from any given style or musical idiom – this asset makes their cooperation immensely interesting. Alongside original music written by Pietilä and other renowned composers, in their repertoire there are versions of classics from J.S. Bach, Astor Piazzolla and the most known and admired pieces of contemporary music.