Mart Soo and Esa Pietilä

Duo Esa Pietilä & Mart Soo

City : Turku
Venue : Sibelius Musem
Address : Piispankatu 17, Turku, Turku, Finland
Time : 19:00

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Music from New Album Lighthouse Stories

  • Esa Pietilä, saxophone & live-electronics
  • Mart Soo (EST) guitar & live-electronics

Mart Soo and Esa Pietilä are two talented musicians who have made a significant impact in the jazz scene and who are also known for their exceptional improvisational skills, making each performance a unique and dynamic experience. Their ability to create and develop ideas on the spot, while still maintaining a high level of musicality and coherence, sets them apart as some of the most talented musicians in the jazz scene. With their new album, they combine the worlds of acoustic playing and diverse use of live-electronics.

Mart Soo and Esa Pietilä

Fotograaf Raul Ollo /