Esa Pietilä & Jeff “Siege” Siegel: Out doors
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Esa Pietilä & Jeff Siegel — Out doors
Release date : Jun. 04, 2012
Label : Artist Recording Collective
  1. Out Doors (6:24)
  2. Waves (7:18)
  3. Aurora Borealis (5:33)
  4. Power Orbit (5:43)
  5. The Voice Behind the Great Wall of Manitou (3:03)
  6. Serpentine (7:58)
  7. Road Trip (2:40)
  8. Death of the Rain Forestl (3:26)
  9. Door to Door (4:12)
  10. Democrats and Republicans (Left Right Dance) (2:31)
  11. Space Yard (5:46)
  12. Milky Way (4:47)
  13. Anthem of the Out Doors (3:18)
  14. Speed Trap (1:06)

Esa Pietilä & Jeff “Siege” Siegel: Out doors

Jeff “Siege” Siegel (USA) – drums, percussion, bells, gongs, toy instruments
Esa Pietilä – Saxophones, bells, toy instruments (Finland)

A power-duo that improvises on any given musical theme mixing the possibilities of the drums & saxophone in completely personal way. In addition to the drums and saxophone, the duo uses percussion of gongs, bells etc. mixed with saxophone multiphonics and extended playing techniques colouring their expression of avant garde jazz. Their juicy freejazz flows, crunchy polyrythmical textures, diverse sound ambients and spiritual meditation-like chorals combined with virtuoso playing of Jeff & Esa carries the listeners mind to the sea of multidirectional rhythms, high clouds, winding rivers, subtropical jungle, festive fireworks, what ever – You name it. Read more…