Posted on oct. 30th 2008:

– Special News, New quartet was born!!! Pianist & ECM artist Iro Haarla joins Esa Pietilä Trio to form a new “ESA PIETILÄ 4 STREAMS” quartet.

“The spontaneity and multidirectional rhythmic counterpoint lines and directions appearing on the textures of the players reshape the harmonic contours of the overall sound– to form a extraordinary caleidoscopical flow of rhythmic –harmonic- melodic richness with tight interplay of collectively free expression”.

Read more about the quartet here   -See live video of 4 STREAMS from a Stockholm concert here

– The quartets´s debyt at TAMPERE JAZZ HAPPENING 2008 headline tells: “With its communicative sound scope and emancipated expression Esa Pietilä Trio explores the shades of northern mental landscape together with the Yrjö awarded pianist / harpist / composer Iro Haarla.” – Alongside the new quartet, Esa Pietilä Trio continues as a unit of  it´s own to perform as usual!

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