Masterclasses on improvisation & saxophone expression

Esa Pietilä gives masterclasses on improvisation,  saxophone techniques & expression. The courses are for contemporary expression in general without any musical genre specified. Pietilä works with soundpainting workshops (from small groups to larger ensamble e.g. big band or chamber orchestra) with & without improvisation. The courses teach how deal with different aspects of rhythm, analogy, contrast, harmony, soundcolours on different musical situations. The masterclasses reveal techniques and insights that one can only learn by playing and performing. The courses are tailor made depending on the number of students and which instruments are available taking account the skill level of students etc. although it is advisory that the level of students would be intermediate – advanced. During the years with his own groups, performing as a soloist for orchestras and with totally improvised solo saxophone concerts of his, Pietilä has gained special experience on various topics on how to improvise freely without any pre- planned chords structures, tonality, forms or structures. He has developed special extended techniques on multiphonics and alterations of sound colours for saxophone.

The expression in various musical situations:

  • The sound of the instrument
  • creating ideas from scratch
  • rubato & the universal tempo
  •  motive improvisation
  •  contrapunct in collective improvisation
  •  the importance of roles in communication
  • layers of improvisation (small group vs. orchestra)
  • creating dramaturgy & form on the moment
  •  finding Your own ideas

Pietilä has presented his masterclasses at following Conservatories & Universities:

Jamey Aebersold Jazz Program Studies, Louisville University, Kentucky, USA – University Làval, Quebec City, Canada – Berklee School of Music, Boston, USA – Conservatory Giuseppi Tartini, Trieste, Italy – Musichochschule Lucern, Switzerland – Privatuniversitet Wien, Austria – Rytmiska Konservatoriet Malmö, Sweden – Jazz Department of University of Graz, Austria etc.

Contact info:
p. +358 400 815007, email: esa@esapietila.com

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