Esa Pietilä Solo saxophone – TIMES & SPACES


The new solo saxophone double album Times & Spaces is a strong artistic statement and exploration into the world of improvisation. The album consists of two discs, one with acoustic expression and the second one with live-electronics which connects tenor saxophone´s acoustic expression with immense possibilities of live-electronics. With live-electronics Pietilä creates diverse atmospheres and unique musical ambients. Pietilä exploits the use of live-electronics with his own personal ways e.g. with motion censors and other unusual controllers to tweak sounds etc. Times & Spaces is the second solo saxophone album of Pietilä.

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Esa Pietilä, tenor saxophone


Elegy Time 4: 11

Accelerating Time 6:34

Springy Time 3:30

Microtonal Time 5: 25

Land – Sea – Air Time 10:15

Blue time 4:04

Propulsing Time 3:26

Chords Time 3:06



Esa Pietilä, tenor saxophone & live-electronics
Rap Space 3:52


Sonar Space 5:01

Slap The Space 3:33

Pulsing Space 5:46

Warp Space 6:29

Zetor Space 4:57

Creatures in Space 3:13

Feedback Space 3:28

Mountain Space 7:12
all music by Esa Pietilä
Recorded at Pyhtää Church, Pyhtää Finland, 4th of feb. 2015 by Mikko Raita
Mixed 11th of feb. 2016 at Studio Kekkonen by Mikko Raita & Esa Pietilä

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