harvey2smallHarvey Sorgen – drums (USA)
Esa Pietilä – Saxophone

In July of 2012, drummer Harvey Sorgen and Esa Pietilä started their collaboration. Their first tour of the USA included concerts in NYC, Vermont & New Hampshire. This musical encounter was something very new and unique – a surprisingly new organism of sounds and structure. Harvey Sorgen´s intensity coupled with his sense of how to shape sound combines seamlessly with Esa´s vision and gut punching ideas on the saxophone. The duo´s explorations become a singular combination of fire, soft elegance, pure primitive power and flourishing ripeness.

Harvey is truly one of the greatest musicians that I have had the pleasure to work with. His warm and honest approach to music is something unique and makes our dialogue such a beautiful musical experience! – Esa Pietilä


Listen Pietilä & Sorgen concert “Live at Brandon”, VT, USA 2012
(full concert, streaming, duration 1:07)

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