Pietilä has a mission to premiere new saxophone concertos and other larger scale works for saxophone & orchestra. In 2014 Esa had the privilege to perform his own concerto Graffiti Play for saxophone, improvising contemporary jazz trio and chamber orchestra with one of the leading conductors in the world, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Avanti! Chamber Orchestra. In 2016 Pietilä premiered the Tenor Saxophone Concerto from famous Finnish composer Kalevi Aho, who composed and dedicated the concerto to Pietilä. In 2013 Pietilä  premiered a saxophone concerto “Grounds” by Eero Hämeenniemi. Concerto  was performed by Se ensemble with famous conductor Santtu Matias Rouvali. The piece was also composed and dedicated to Pietilä, taking advantage of Esa´s improvisational skills. Read more…


”Jazz musician of the year 2016” awarded saxophonist Esa Pietilä leads his Liberty Ship quartet with new and renowned crew again to the waters of free improvisation. The two previous albums of the group received stunning reviews nationally and internationally. Liberty Ship debuted its new music recently at Nordic Music Days 2018.

Esa Pietilä, tenor saxophone

Håvard Wiik, piano,

Ole Morten Vågan bass,

Olavi Louhivuori, drums

Read more…

Solo Saxophone

Esa Pietilä soloSolo saxophone

In year 2007 Esa started a series of totally improvised solo saxophone concerts, which have so far appeared at several art galleries, concert venues and churches etc.- His first solo saxophone CD “KARHEA” was released on march 26. 2009. Read more…


News! (oct.2012):

As a succesor to the former Esa Pietilä Trio (with Markku Ounaskari, drs & Uffe Krokfors, bs) that performed succefully in many European countries 8 years between 2001 – 2009, there is a line-up change now. I´m happy to announce that the trio´s new ESA PIETILA 3 personnel is:

Esa Pietilä, ts
Ville Herrala, bass
Mika Kallio, drums

ESA PIETILA 3 explores new improvisational fields of scandinavian freejazz / avantgarde expression, ranging from straightforward energetic free playing to colorful ambient sceneries and soundscapes. Read more…

Harvey Sorgen & Esa Pietilä Duo

Harvey Sorgen – drums (USA)
Esa Pietilä – Saxophone

In July of 2012 , drummer Harvey Sorgen and Esa Pietilä started their collaboration. Their first tour of the USA included concerts in NYC, Vermont & New Hampshire.  Read more…

Unprecedented – Esa Pietilä & Eija Kankaanranta

Kantele player Eija Kankaanranta and saxophonist Esa Pietilä explore the musical space for new galaxies. Read more…

Kujala – Pietilä treatment

Accordionist Veli Kujala and saxophonist Esa Pietilä are both known as masters of their respective instruments, composers and master improvisers. Read more…

Brain Inventory Trio

USA meets Finland on Brain Inventory Trio’s new live album
Debut album to be released on the German label Konnex Records on 23 March 2012

The recently formed Brain Inventory Trio not only bridges two cultures but also brings us a fusion of styles from jazz and folk music to rock, throwing all preconceptions out the window.  Read more…

Jeff Siegel & Esa Pietilä Duo

Jeff “Siege” Siegel – drums, percussion, bells, gongs, toy instruments (USA)
Esa Pietilä – Saxophones, bells, toy instruments (Finland)

A new power-duo that improvises on any given musical theme mixing the possibilities of the drums & saxophone in completely personal way. In addition to the drums and saxophone, the duo uses percussion of gongs, bells etc. mixed with saxophone multiphonics and extended playing techniques colouring their expression of avant garde jazz. Read more…

Pietilä Kaenzig Kallio

Esa Pietilä, tenor sax
Heiri Kaenzig, bass
Mika kallio, drums

An improvising trio with well known Swiss bass master Heiri Kaenzig. They are delivering their message of free / avant garde jazz – The trio puts it´s trusts on the strenght of a moment, creating long forms, musical hills and valleys with colourful soundscapes. Read more…


Esa Pietilä, tenor sax
Iro Haarla piano, vintage analog synths
Uffe Krokfors, bass
Markku Ounaskari, drums

The “4 STREAMS” was founded in 2008, after pianist Iro Haarla (ECM) had visited few times as special guest with Esa Pietilä Trio, which has performed the international festivals for many years with success. There was an obvious and collective decision made by everybody in the trio that it will be musically very inspiring and fruitful to form a steadily working quartet with Iro. Read more…