Listen Esa Pietilä 3 – whole concert live 2013

News! (oct.2012):

As a succesor to the former Esa Pietilä Trio (with Markku Ounaskari, drs & Uffe Krokfors, bs) that performed succesfully in many European countries 8 years between 2001 – 2009, there is a line-up change now. I´m happy to announce that the trio´s new ESA PIETILA 3 personnel is:

Esa Pietilä, ts
Ville Herrala, bass
Mika Kallio, drums

ESA PIETILA 3 explores new improvisational fields of scandinavian freejazz / avantgarde expression, ranging from straightforward energetic free playing to colorful ambient sceneries and soundscapes. The trio was also the soloist unit for Esa Pietilä´s Orhestral piece “Graffiti Play” for Avanti! Chamber orchestra performed under the baton of Esa-Pekka Salonen in 2014.

The group will continue explore the freedom of improvised music and written music.

“With maximum of group interaction and by using the group’s engaged absorption in the music, plus the members interest in the infinite potential of the sounds they can create, they deliver a visceral gut-punch with both urgency and subtlety. The Trio´s openness for free improvisation and the elaboration upon the conventional roles of their instruments, highlights a larger goal: creating a unified group identity. The group´s leader, Esa Pietilä injects immediacy and surprise into his playing by going for unplanned gems that like-minded interaction can discover through spontaneous playing. His interests are as much about implication – the spaces between the dots he punches out – as about literal adherence to pre-written composition.”

Cd release “TRAVEL OF FULICA ATRA” oct. –07:

After hearing the sounds made by this unusual bird which is called “fulica atra” in Latin, “nokikana” in Finnish and “coot” in English at a Finnish lake on a summer night some time ago, a purely fictional story started to grow…For any artist, a moment of inspiration is a beginning of a journey and a catalyst for freedom of expression – This odyssey contains the interesting shapes of melodies, textures, expression and sceneries that we created on those days of February 2007 – a story that wanted to be told – musical journey that happened in our minds. 

“Working and performing with Uffe and Markku in the past years has been a real trip into musical fulfillment – an experience that has led us to a level of instinctive communication and effortless expression – establishing a wordless connection – to let the music fly like a bird”. -Esa

download rider here