“Esa Pietilä is known as a fearless musical visionary. His repertory is extremely versatile, including collaborations with classical orchestras.  – Finnish Jazz Federation

Composer Esa Pietilä has broadened the image of contemporary music with jazz. Additionally in his music he forms different synthesis of many styles and genres, which tells about his seek for the very essence of music without any stylistic borders. He has been commissioned to write works for the Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, Zagros Ensemble, Tampere Raw, St Michel String Orchestra, Osuma ensemble, UMO Jazz Orchestra and others, and has also written music for solo instruments, instrumental groups, dance projects and films. In his solo saxophone works, chamber duos and trio projects he has also experimented widely with live-electronics and micro-tonalism. 

Through his many compositions and collaborations, he is also dedicated to expanding the concerto repertoire of the saxophone. Examples of this are his concerto Graffiti Play for tenor saxophone, freejazz trio and orchestra and Kairos Ludus – Double concerto for violin, tenor saxophone and orchestra.

Scores available from Fennica Gehrman & Musicfinland

List of works:

For orchestra:

  • Kairos Ludus – Double concerto for violin, tenor saxophone and orchestra, 35´ (2022). fl (doubling sopr. recorder, picc), fl (doubling sopr. recorder), oboe (doubling alto redorder), cl, bcl, bsn/cbsn, trp in Bb, 2 hn in F, trb, timpani, perc, 1. 2., strings min. 8-6-5-4-3, Fennica Gehrman F.P. TBA in 2025 with Jyväskylä Sinfonia. PROGRAM NOTE
  • Pulses, Waves & Dialoques for tenor saxophone & string orchestra (min. 4-3-2-2-1), 18´, (2017) Fennica Gehrman, F.P 2017 by St. Michel Strings & Pietilä

  • Graffiti Play for contemporary jazz-trio (ts, bs, drs) & chamber orchestra 36´, (2014)       (fl, picc, ob, cl, cl/bcl, bsn/cbsn, trp in Bb, 2 hn in F, trb, perc, strings min. 4-4-4-2-1, Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2014 by Avanti! chamber orchestra, Esa-Pekka Salonen and Esa Pietilä Trio. PROGRAM NOTE   LISTEN


For chamber ensemble:

  • Ulappani for Saxophone Quartet, 14:06´(2023), Fennica Gehrman, F.P. aug.2024. by Saxtronauts Quartet
  • Icons of Blue, Black & Sun (string quartet No. 2), 14:27´(2022), Fennica Gehrman, F.P. feb.2022. PROGRAM NOTE   LISTEN
  • Fanfaro for horn quartet, 4:23´, Fennica Gehrman, (2022) F.P. TBA PROGRAM NOTE
  • Blazing Flames for tenor saxophone & string quartet, 28´, (2018). Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2018 with Kamus String quartet & Pietilä. Video from first performance

  • Asterion (Pietilä), 18´, for tenor saxophone & 8-piece chamber group, 18´, (fl, cl/bscl, vl, vla, vlc, cb, hn in F, piano), (2014) Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2014 with Pietilä & Zagros Ensemble. Video from first performance

  • Glow for tenor saxophone, acc., perc & live-electronics, 16´. (2018). Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2018 with Veli Kujala (acc), Janne Tuomi (drs & perc.) & Pietilä. PROGRAM NOTE . Video from first performance

  • Hyperhelium for 6-piece chamber group, 18´, (fl, cl, vl, vlc, cb, piano) & tenor saxophone,  (2016) Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2016 by Tampere Raw & Pietilä. PROGRAM NOTE

  • HUNT! for tenor saxophone & percussion quintet,20´, (bass dr/FX sampler, crot, tam-tam, tenor dr, vib, w.b., t.b., doundoun, met pan, marimba 4.3. oct, marimba 5 oct, drum-set), (2016)  Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2016 by Osuma Percussion Ensemble & Pietilä. PROGRAM NOTE

  • The Wind Wants for Woodwind Quintet, 16´, (fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn in F)  (2017) Fennica Gehrman, F.P. TBA. PROGRAM NOTE   BUY SHEET MUSIC

  • Seven In Amazonas for recorder quartet, 18´, (sopr./F bass, tenor, tenor, Sub Bass)  (2018) Fennica Gehrman, F.P. TBA by Bravade Quartet

  • Lake of Clang for saxophone quartet (s-a-t/rec, brs) 12´, (2010) Musicfinland, F.P. 2010

  • Seppo´s Hammer for chamber strings, 20´, (vl 1&2, vla, vc 1&2) & jazz quintet (ts & tp or as & voc, pno, ac bass, drs), (2010) Musicfinland, F.P. 2011

  • People People for voc. (with lyrics), chamber strings (vl 1&2, vla, vlc) and jazz trio (pno, ac. bass, drs), 11´ (2010) Musicfinland, F.P. 2011

  • Mirage, String quartet No. 1., 12´, (vl 1&2, vla, vlc),  (2006) Musicfinland, F.P. 2006 by Zagros string Quartet


For duo:

  • Zefyros flute sonata, for piano and flute, (2022) 9:14´, Fennica Gehrman, F.P 2022 with Sami Junnonen (fl) & Tuomas Turriago (p), Tampere Biannale. PROGRAM NOTE

  • Brisk for cello and marimba,12´, (2016) Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2016 by Eeva Rysä, vlc & Kazutaka Morita, perc. PROGRAM NOTE   BUY SHEET MUSIC

  • Ahead – Electric Microland, for saxophone, accordion and live-electronics, 24´ F.P. Veli Kujala & Pietilä, 2013
  • Orbits, for electric kantele and saxophone, 11´ F.P. Eija Kankaanranta & Esa Pietilä, 2013


For solo:

  • Good Spell for flute solo, 10:40´ (2023), Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2023 by Annaleena Jämsä PROGRAM NOTE   Video from first performance
  • Sphere for tenor saxophone solo, 9:50´, Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2022 by Esa Pietilä

  • Fata Morgana for solo harpsichord, 5:34´, F.P. 2019 by Assi Karttunen. PROGRAM NOTE   BUY SHEET MUSIC
  • Fire! for tenor saxophone solo, 12´ (2018), Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2018 by Pietilä 

  • Three Strides of Light for solo piano, 14´, (2009) Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2018 by Risto-Matti Marin. PROGRAM NOTE   BUY SHEET MUSIC  Video from first performance.
  • House Of Bells for solo piano, 9´, (2006) Musicfinland, F.P. 2006 by Mirka Viitala


For Choir:

  • Uirapuru for tenor saxophone &  male choir (40 voices and up), 11´, (2017) Fennica Gehrman, F.P. 2017 by Akademiska Sångföreningen & Pietilä. PROGRAM NOTE    BUY SHEET MUSIC


For organ & saxophone:

  • Triptych for tenor saxophone & church organ, 18´, Musicfinland, F.P. 2016

  • Saturn – Fantasy for tenor saxophone & church organ, 16´, Fennica Gehrman, F.P. by 2012 by Pétur Sakari & Esa Pietilä. PROGRAM NOTE


For Big Band:

  • Big Fun for 12- piece jazz ensemble (any instruments), 30´, (2014) Musicfinland F.P. 2014

  • Turms for Big Band, 14å, (2000) Musicfinland F.P. in 2000

  • Labyrinth for Big Band, 9´, Musicfinland F.P. in 2000

  • Code Red for Big Band, 7´, Musicfinland F.P. in 1998

  • Before Moon for Big Band, 7´, (1998) Musicfinland F.P. In 1996

  • Tricks for Big Band, 14´ (1996) Musicfinland F.P. in 1996


  • various works for solo saxophone