”Esa Pietilä´s concerto ”Graffiti Play”, which we premiered together, sounds like if Frank Zappa and György Ligeti had married themselves and had gotten a child together” Esa-Pekka Salonen

“Pietilä´s performance of my concerto was sovereign”.– Kalevi Aho

“Great musician, highly recommended”
– Risto Nieminen – Director, Music Service Gulbenkian Foundation

The impressive tenor saxophonist Esa Pietilä! – DownBeat / Josef Woodard

”Pietilä is known as a fearless musical visionary. His repertory is extremely versatile, including collaborations with classical orchestras. Moreover, he has brought not only Finnish but also international critics to their knees” – Finnish Jazz Federation

New Solo Saxophone album released

Esa Pietilä´s solo album Times & Spaces connects the acoustic expression of solo saxophone with live-electronics. The double album is a strong artistic statement and exploration into the world... Read more

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Excerpts  from Pietilä´s concerto “Graffiti Play”

Listen samples from Pietilä´s concerto “Graffiti Play” for chamber orch. & contemporary jazz trio. The first performance of the concerto was in oct. 2014 with Esa-Pekka Salonen & Avanti! Chamber orchestra and my trio (with Mika Kallio & Ville Herrala).