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"Solio" by 4 Streams
"Travel of Fulica atra" / "Cascades by 4 Streams
"On A Crest of A Wave" by Iro Haarla /4 Streams
"Extreme Waves" by 4 Streams
"Mindhunt" by 4 Streams
"Lightning's Surprise", Solo Sax

"Spark Revolves", Solo Saxophone

"Fulica Atra" by Esa Pietilä Trio

"Headway" by Esa Pietilä Trio



Touring news:

The premiere of Esa Pietilä´s composition "Asterion" with Zagros ensamble, Liberty Ship at Bergen NattJazz Festival, Japan tour, Malmitalo, Kankaanranta & Pietilä at Helsnki Music Center

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Latest album:



Liberty Ship

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- “Esa is one of Finland's leading jazz musicians. I recommend his albums, which show his scope and imagination as a player.” - Professor Stuart Nicholson, Author, Journalist, UK


- "While never resorting to the tired bag of tricks that so few have been able to resist before him". - Cadence, USA


- "A prowess visionary and improviser" - Finnish Music Information Center








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