Esa Pietilä has composed numerous pieces for different instrument set-ups varying from solo instrument recital pieces up to works for larger groups and orchestras. He has always been interested in writing music for mixed combination of instruments and genres – see complete list of works with the publisher infos below. There is music for chamber groups, chamber strings, various jazz groups, for string quarter, for big band, saxophone quartet, music for chamber duos,  experimental pieces for tape and soloist, music for avant-garde musicians etc….Lately Esa has been concentrating on working on larger scale compositions with chamber groups/orchestras. Mixing improvisation and composed music has always been an interest of Esa´s too.

Pietilä´s latest premieres are (as composer & soloist) 40 minute concerto “Graffiti Play” for 28-piece  Avanti! chamber orchesta and contemporary jazz trio. The orchestra commissioned the piece and  Esa Pietilä trio is the soloist for the piece. The premiere was on 5.10.2014 with conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen.  “Asterion” (2014) an 18 minute piece performed & commissioned by Zagros ensamble (8 musicians) with Esa as the soloist. In 2016/17 saw light such pieces as HUNT! for saxophone & percussion quintet (premiered by Esa & Osuma ensemble), Hyperhelium, for chamber sextet & Tenor Saxophone (premiered by Tampere Raw & Esa), Brisk, for cello & marimba (premiered by Eeva Rysä & Kazutata Morita), Uirapuru, for male choir and Tenor saxophone (premiered by Akademiska Sångföreningen & Esa), Waves & Dialoques, a piece for Tenor Saxophone & string orchestra (premiered with St. Mikkeli strings & Esa). 2018 presented premieres e.g. Blazing Flames for tenor saxophone & string quartet (premiered  by string quartet KAMUS & Esa), a solo piano pice Three Strides of Light (premiered by Risto-Matti Marin).


“Asterion” with Zagros ensamble & Esa as the soloist.


       LIST OF WORKS:    scores & sheet music available from Fennica Gehrman & Musicfinland                                                             

  • Double concerto for violin, tenor saxophone ja chamber orchestra, 35 min.   Fennica Gehrman     F. P. TBA

  • Pulses, Waves & Dialoques, for tenor saxophone & string orchestra (min. 4-3-2-2-1), 18 min.   Fennica Gehrman      F.P 2017 
  • The Wind Wants, Woodwind Quintet, (fl, ob, cl, bsn, hn in F) 16 min.  Fennica Gehrman   F.P.  2018

  • Seven In Amazonas, renessaince recorder quartet (sopr./F bass, tenor, tenor, Sub Bass) 18 min.    Fennica Gehrman   F.P. 2018

  • Three Strides of Light, for solo piano, 14 min.   Fennica Gehrman    F.P.  2018
  • Uirapuru, for tenor saxophone & male choir (40 voices and up), 11 min. Fennica Gehrman   F.P. 2017

  • Graffiti Play, for contemporary jazz-trio (ts, bs, drs) chamber orchestra (fl, picc, ob, cl, cl/bcl, bsn/cbsn, trp in Bb, 2 hn in F, trb, perc, strings (min. 4-4-4-2-1), 40 min.   Fennica Gehrman  F.P. 2014

  • Hyperhelium, for 6-piece chamber group (fl, cl, vl, vlc, cb, piano) & tenor saxohone, 18 min.  Fennica Gehrman   F.P. 2016

  • Brisk, for cello sellolle and marimba,12 min.  Fennica Gehrman  F.P. 2016

  • HUNT, for tenor saxophone & percussion quintet (bass dr/FX sampler, crot, tam-tam, tenor dr, vib, w.b., t.b., doundoun, met pan, marimba 4.3. oct, marimba 5 oct, drum-set) 20 min.  Fennica Gehrman   F.P. 2016

  • Triptych for tenor saxophone & organ, 18 min.   Musicfinland  F.P. 2016

  • Asterion, for tenor saxophone & 8-piece chamber group (fl, cl/bscl, vl, vla, vlc, cb, hn in F, piano), 18 min.   Fennica Gehrman  F.P. 2014

  • Big Fun, for 12- piece jazz ensemble (any instruments), 30 min.  Musicfinland   F.P. 2014

  • Seppo´s Hammer, for chamber strings (vl 1&2, vla, vc 1&2) ja jazz quintet (ts & tp or as & voc, pno, ac bass, drs) , 20 min.  Musicfinland    F.P. 2011

  • People People”, for voc. (with lyrics), chamber strings (vl 1&2, vla, vlc) and jazz trio (pno, ac. bass, drs) , 11 min.   Musicfinland   F.P. 2011

  • Lake of Clang, for saxophone quartet (s-a-t/rec, brs) 12 min.   Musicfinland    F.P. 2010

  • Mirage, for string quartet (vl 1&2, vla, vlc), 12 min.  Musicfinland   F.P. 2006

  • House Of Bells. for solo piano, 9 min.  Musicfinland   F.P. 2006

  • Turms, for Big Band, 14 min   Musicfinland   F.P. in 2000

  • Labyrinth, for Big Band, 9 min.  Musicfinland   F.P. in 2000

  • Code Red, for Big Band, 7 min.  Musicfinland   F.P. in 1998

  • Before Moon, for Big Band, 7 min.  Musicfinland   F.P. in 1996

  • Tricks, for Big Band, 14 min.  Musicfinland   F.P. in 1996

  • various works for saxophone quartet  

  • various works for solo saxophone